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Who Cares? Apparently time IS money…

April 27, 2011

From where else, other than good old Blighty, did we learn to pool resources in a bid to save time and of course cash. We’ve had a knack for it since there ever was a correlation between the two.

In a recent article published on the Community Care website, it was reported how savings are being created from wherever possible, with the most recent stroke of genius coming from councils who have indiscriminately asked their pools of social workers to use a “Hot Desk” system.

And whilst they are not entirely pleased about the situation, social workers have acknowledged how those sorts of savings may have just created safe haven for their jobs.

Who decides on these policies and how are they implemented? Well the councils need to refer to the policies that they themselves have set in place, or inherited from councils past and present. But what do you do if you need guidelines, regulation and general help when it comes to laying out new policies and procedures?

With over 140 vital policies, procedures & forms which ensure CQC compliance, is your partner in providing the UK’s leading care policy & procedure management tools.

These policies are of course easily customisable & adaptable for your own care businesses, giving you more time to focus on what really counts, quality of care. 

Project Leader Carl Selby explains how adds value to your care business by saving you time and putting all the information you need at your fingertips:

“Running a successful business is always a challenge. That’s why our aim is to minimise your time spent on the sometimes monotonous tasks like policy compliance. With our information at your fingertips, just imagine what you could do with all the extra time at your hands!”


What makes us different to other Policy and Procedure suppliers?

April 26, 2011

 We often get contacted by clients who ask us how we can price our Policies and Procedures at such a reasonable rate.

And on research when we first launched we were shocked when we first saw our competitors’ prices.  Of course all businesses have to pay for research and development, production, staffing and marketing costs.  However, to charge £1000 plus £80 per quarter for updates — as at least one of our competitors does — seems disgraceful to us.

We haven’t fluffed up our offering with a Total Quality Management System or with thousands of useless documents.  We just include the policies and procedures clients actually need (and that our clients have used successfully to help gain 3 Star CQC ratings) at a reasonable price. 

Also included is plenty of other resources that our colleagues have found useful when managing care services, but they’re just an added bonus.  We’re not going for mass market domination or trying to take over the world; we just want to help as many busy managers to get their head around complying with the new standards as possible.

We stand by the quality of our products.  They are out there right now, being used by countless satisfied managers.  We’re just happy to not rip you off in the process.

We guess that’s one of the many reasons why the service we offer is being so well received.  If you want to know more contact us today on 0843 289 23 28 or visit

Care providers – plan now to be a star performer

April 17, 2011

You know you’re a star performer in the care industry; you’ll soon be able to prove it.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is launching a new excellence award for adult social care providers from April next year (2012) and with help from you can be among the first to achieve it. is one of the UK’s leading care policies and procedures management tools.  It saves care providers valuable time and money by offering a handy USB stick with over 140 essential policies, procedures and forms, enabling them to be fully up-to-date, protected and CQC compliant.

The policies can easily be adapted for clients’ own care businesses, allowing them time to concentrate on the important business of providing top quality care for clients.

Based on years of professional experience, covers all providers’ needs, whether for domiciliary care, adult residential, elderly care or supported living, and can be customised with the client’s organisation’s name, details, logo, plus any further changes they wish to make.

Project Leader Carl Selby claims that offers value for money, peace of mind and professionalism for care providers and reduces the hassle of one of their biggest commitments – bureaucracy!

“If you want to run an excellent, high quality service, compliance with statutory policies and procedures is essential. But keeping up with the paperwork can sometimes be a headache when you have more pressing demands on your time and when you want to put the needs of your service users and employees first.

“Our handy policies help clients to manage their time more effectively by making sure they are up-to-date and by helping to avoid wasteful duplication. If clients are too busy to amend the policies themselves each year we’ll also offer them updates, with no pressure attached.

“If you want to achieve excellence and be a star performer and perhaps be in with a chance of winning one of the CQC awards next year, our policies will leave you more time and energy to do what you do best – improving the quality of care for your clients.”

 To interview Carl Selby of UK Care Policies please contact Darren Northeast of Darren Northeast PR (working on behalf of UK Care Policies) on 01202 676762 or – Tel. 0843 289 2328